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Is the increased pollen count affecting your daily activities? Posted on 9 Jun 2022

This week we are expecting an increase in the pollen count because of the change in weather. You do not need to come and see us to get medication for hay fever, in fact NHS England and NHS Improvement tell us that we shouldn’t issue a prescription for items that can be bought over the counter. Symptoms of hay fever include: * sneezing and coughing * a runny or blocked nose * itchy, red or watery eyes * itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears * loss of smell * pain around your temples and forehead * headache * earache * feeling tired There are some practical things you can do to minimise your symptoms like putting Vaseline around your nostrils to limit the amount of pollen you breathe in, wear wrap around sunglasses to stop the pollen getting into your eyes and of course taking an antihistamine. Your local pharmacy or supermarket can sell you a variety of products based on your symptoms you can get like antihistamine eye drops, tablets or nasal sprays to help. If you ring us we are instructed to direct you to a pharmacy for treatment of hay fever, please don’t be annoyed when our reception team ask you to do this in the first instance. If you have tried over the counter remedies and they are not helping, in extreme cases we may be able to prescribe a steroid spray or refer you to a specialist Immunotherapist. First stop must always be over the counter medication

is the increased pollen count affecting your daily activities?

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